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Need a speaker who knows how to WOW your audience? You know, a dynamo who speaks from experience grounded in the realities of the business world and life?

Then you need Matt Martindale.

Fun for Business’ CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) will dazzle and delight any type of audience with a variety of sizzling topics like these:

  • Fun in the Workplace = Increased Productivity + Profit
  • The 9 Secrets to Abundance (Our Most Popular Seminar!)
  • Creativity IS Thinking Outside the Box
  • Beyond the Senses: Integrating “Sense-ability” Into Marketing Strategy
  • Understanding Game Theory for Organizations
  • Developing Play with a Purpose
  • Marketing: Positioning Yourself in the Marketplace
  • Teamwork? Teambuilding? It’s Not Just Follow the Leader
  • The Improv Performer’s Mind: Why It’s Critical to Success in the Business World Today
  • Who’s Mind Is it Anyway? Accessing the Right Side of the Brain
  • Hiring: The Secret to a Successful Reputation
  • How to Color Your World: Color Theory for Event Design
  • Theme Creation Seminar – From Concept to Design
  • Speak Your Mind – Understanding Voice Personality

Matt can conduct seminars, lead corporate retreats, and provide an engaging, thought provoking keynote addresses. He even does concentrated 20 minute “TED” style talks on these as well.

His goal is simple: to provide resources for your people to grow professionally, and personally, while helping your organization reach its full potential.

Matt Martindale is more than a motivational speaker. Motivation wears off. Matt looks to change people’s lives through self-discovery with leadership that is intentionally activated through focused empowerment.

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