What Is Session Time?

Speed Matters in Photo Branding Events (And Photo Booths)

What is session time? Simple. One word – speed! In commercial event instant photography, “session time” is “the total amount of time spent getting a picture taken, processed, and then getting the final, finished print in hand.”

Simply put:

Faster session times = Minimal waiting = Happier guests experience = Better positive lasting impression on you!

If guests, customers or your company VIPs are waiting in long, slow moving lines waiting take a picture, or worse yet, waiting to get their print in their hand after the photo is taken, it makes you look bad.

Speed is critical at fast moving events. Whether indoors or outdoors, Fun For Business specializes in instant photos and branding for your:

  • Business Retreats & Seminars
  • Causes and Charity Events
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Christmas & Holiday Events (Photos with Santa)
  • Contests
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Golf Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Movie Premiers
  • Promotional Events (ie. Giveaways, Raffles, Discounts, New Product Launch, etc.)
  • Red Carpet Photo Shoots
  • Sports Events
  • Trade Shows
  • VIP Parties

This is where we really shine as the leading Colorado event photographer! Add in our custom social media campaign to leverage this event into a positive social media frenzy!

Here is a current comparison: Us Them
Documented average time to print (lowest is better)  6 seconds* 42 seconds
Documented average prints per hour (highest is better) 140 to 180 49 to 56
Documented average session time (lowest is better) 24 seconds 1 min 51 seconds
Documented average photo sessions per hour 100 to 120† 35 to 60

(highest is better)

†We often achieve 120 to 140 sessions per hour, with an additional optional printer for 200 to 250 sessions per hour!

This means we can get more people through, faster than anyone else in the area…and make you look good doing it!

So, let’s work together to…
Motivate and empower your people. Make a statement or tell your story.
Educate and entertain.
Activate your brand.
Build your TEAM!

Submitted by:
Matt Martindale – CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Fun For Business, Inc.