8 Reasons Why Competition is Good

A rallying cry – why competition is good

Being competitive serves as a common “rallying point” towards a common goal: “to beat the other team.” For example, the Olympic Games or with World Cup soccer, individuals band together supporting a common objective: that their team win. Competition clearly promotes a sense of unity, shared pride and a common identity, in this case, for a country.

So competition is good! Building your team towards the goal of being the very best is also good!

To dismiss competition as a valuable opportunity to thrive in today’s business environment is premature and naïve. We live in a changing society where competion is viewed as bad. Bad for the self esteem. Bad for your identity, etc because somebody then loses. Guess what? Real life doesn’t work that way. Business doesn’t work that way either.

We view competiton as good. It is needed to build and motivate your team to compete in today’s world!

  • Competition builds character and produces a spirit of excellence. It pushes that continual striving to truly do our best, and as that happens, it teaches us what it’s like to win, and lose.
  • Competition builds unity, even loyalty.
  • Competition hinders complacency and rewards taking risks. It’s why we landed on the moon when competing with Russia in the 1960’s.
  • Competition stirs innovation. It’s this drive that gave us the i-Phone, the internet and the Model-T by Henry Ford.
  • Competition promotes growth. In fact, it can even “force” ongoing professional development and continuing education.
  • Competition forces us to look at the big picture and focus on goals to get there.
  • Competition forces organizations to improve customer service and take care of the customer on the path to loyalty…much like Zappos continues to do.
  • Competition forces organizations to really understand who their core audience really is by what’s happening in the marketplace.
  • Competition is really necessary in today’s world for the ongoing, continued expansion of mankind and survival.

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So, let’s work together to…

Motivate and empower your people.
Make a statement or tell your story.
Educate and entertain.
Activate your brand.
Build your TEAM!

Submitted by:
Matt Martindale – CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Fun For Business, Inc.