The Power of Social Connections

social connectionsCarbon (a pencil) vs a diamond are both carbon atoms but connected a different way. The properties (one is soft and dark while the other is clear and hard) still both carbon, yet those properties do not reside in the atoms themselves, but reside in the interconnections of the atoms. Say what? We’re talking about the power of social connections.

Effective branding campaigns that incorporate a splash of social media can help create a sensational BUZZ that’s fun, positive, and contagious. It grabs the attention of everyone around, drawing them into the event surrounding your brand, cause or product. It creates a BUZZ that people want to share. The best part, it can even generate earned media coverage, like your sponsorship at a charity event (ie. Boys and Girls Club).

It’s called ‘newsjacking’:

capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success.”

Essentially, branding with social media means success as an interactive business solution because social networks have value.

Branding with an active social media campaign that has engaging, positive and valuable content regularly means that you will have loyal followers because they see (and trust) your message.

They’ve had a chance to “sample” your personality over time, and then choose to engage in a genuine connection with you. In short, by providing value to your targeted audience with a consistent message in an entertaining way reinforces their image of your brand. Imagine how effective this can be with a well planned, socially shared event!

Here is data from a recent winter festival booked with Fun For Business where we did an interactive photo shoot with social media and branding activation:

We had…

  • 63,544 first tier brand impressions (per Facebook)
  • 390,351 second tier brand impressions (per Facebook)
  • 453,895 total brand impressions…just on Facebook from a single festival held over two days!
  • It was a 33.32% increase in brand impressions from the previous year. Total ticket sales on day two went significantly up (almost 20%), even though the Denver Broncos were playing a playoff game. Why? Simple. Guests specifically said they saw the branded photos in their friend’s news feeds and seeing them created a desire to go! 

According to Content Factory, 70 percent of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook. It makes sense because when you are in front of your customer base, they are more likely to buy from somebody they know or trust.

That’s what we do. We help build BUZZ around your event!

So, let’s work together to…

√ Motivate and empower your people.

√ Make a statement or tell your story.

√ Educate and entertain.

√ Activate your brand.

√ Build your TEAM!