Creatively Branding an Event For Social Media Success

Using a social media campaign to engage your brand for special events

One reason that social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are so popular is that it gives people a voice. It helps people provide an outlet of expressing their identity and a means of social validation. That’s right! In a matter of seconds, anyone can present themselves, their ideas and beliefs to an audience that is ready to listen. And now, marketing savvy organizations are beginning to grasp the concept of branding with social media means success too!

In a brilliant TED talk by Nicholas Christakis, he talks about the hidden influence of social networks. It is true! Society is now vastly connected in infinite ways. But, why are we, as a society so imbedded in social networks? What is the purpose? How do they form? How do they operate? How do they affect us? It’s basically based on the degree of separation. We have an ability to connect, and engage with like-minded individuals. It’s called:

Homophily – “birds of feather flock together” syndrome meaning we are connected because we share similar interests.

Being part of a social network is also very easy, efficient, cheap (usually free) and convenient to use. It’s about induction! It’s about creating a BUZZ around your brand or product.

Here’s the power with our interactive business solution, with actual data from a recent winter festival booked with Fun For Business using our AmoreShare™ social media platform.

  • 63,544 first tier brand impressions (per Facebook)
  • 390,351 second tier brand impressions (per Facebook)
  • 453,895 total brand impressions…just on Facebook from a single festival held over two days with the AmoreShare™ social media platform
  • RESULTS: 33.32% increase in brand impressions from the previous year.
  • Ticket sales on day two went  up (almost 20%), even though the Denver Broncos were playing a playoff game.

Why? Simple. Guests specifically said they saw the branded event photos on their friend’s social media feeds and seeing them created a desire to go!

There is so much power in social networks. In fact, Christakis says: “Our experience of the world depends on the actual structure of the networks which we are residing, and all the kinds of things that ripple and flow through the network.”

Take a look at some of our Fun For Business and AmoreShare™ events here.


So, let’s work together to…
Motivate and empower your people.
Make a statement or tell your story.
Educate and entertain.
Activate your brand.
Build your TEAM!

Submitted by:
Matt Martindale – CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Fun For Business, Inc.