Santa and Social Media

Creating a buzz with family Santa photos

We know that when exceptional marketing fused with interactive fun creates the perfect blend to promote your brand, cause or message! Our “interactive business solution” can make your next event truly epic! It’s about knowing how to promote your brand for success!

Our photo shoots are full of energy!

They are interactive!
They are fun!
They are effective!

We can literally create tens of thousands of positive brand impressions immediately!

Just like we did with Santa…several times now! Families love it, and the social media digital footprint is huge!

Then, the magic happens…

Our exclusive social media kiosk (AmoreShare™) means that our clients can quickly and effectively promote their brand, message, slogan or image worldwide in a matter of seconds!

Have the cause but no budget? No problem. Find sponsors for the event to cover our fee. Lots of charities, municipalities and causes do this.

A question we get all the time, is “what types of events do you do branding activations, promotions and social media for?” (listed alphabetically)

• Business Retreats & Seminars
• Causes and Charity Events
• Celebrity Appearances
• Christmas & Holiday Events
• Contests
• Customer Appreciation Events
• Festivals
• Fundraisers
• Golf Events
• Grand Openings
• Live Demonstrations
• Movie Premiers
• Promotional Events (ie. Giveaways, Raffles, Discounts, New Product Launch, etc.)
• Red Carpet Photo Shoots
• Sports Events
• Trade Shows
• VIP Parties

Are you looking to create a BUZZ around your brand or product?

At the end of the day, regardless of your event, our exclusive “interactive business solution” is perfect for promotion, brand activation, or the reinforcement of your message. It’s far more effective than any other kind of trinket or giveaway you are considering, or are already doing. It’s more cost effective, practical and immediate. It’s especially awesome at trade shows!!

So, let’s work together to…

Motivate and empower your people.
Make a statement or tell your story.
Educate and entertain.
Activate your brand.
Build your TEAM!

Submitted by:
Matt Martindale – CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer)
Fun For Business, Inc.